Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside!

Ice crystals crunch under my warm boots as I walk quickly yet gingerly across the bridge connecting me to my children. Although it is 8:30 in the morning it may as well be midnight. Sunrise doesn't occur until after 9am. The cold has set in my bones as I walk. I feel like a pirate walking on peg legs. There is no feeling left. Cheeks are stained pink and drops gently fall from my nose to my lips. I walk faster finding my way in to the building, walking past two servicemen who already smell of cigarettes and alcohol. The elevator takes me to my pie in the sky where I strip off the mittens, coat, boots and hat. I am hot. I am dripping sweat. I pour a glass of water and drink as though I have never tasted a sip. A country of contradictions continues...I was so cold and now burning up. I sit with my drink of coolness catching up on the news. Chillness returns to my bones causing me to make coffee for warmth. The sun rises to reveal blue sky filled with crystals. Is this where the term "crystal blue sky" came to be? It is gorgeous! And I am excited to go out in it! I will bundle up and head back over the bridge not only stepping on ice crystals but breathe them in as well. Fresh air invigorating and bringing life to this body, a blessing to be here.

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Clare Taylor said...

And just LOOK at that view! Gorgeous. x