Friday, December 14, 2012

Lets Pretend.....

The Potty Diaries has a great entry on Christmas giving and receiving. The giving or lack there of by the husbands and receiving or lack there of by the wife....yep! That is us! I don't know what it is with men and their non attention to details. It must run in their genes or something.  I should take comfort in knowing that the Mr isn't the only man who is a terrible gift giver. To give him credit, he does try; like the NFL (that is the National Football League/American football for my non American friends) sweatshirt he gave me our first Christmas together.  I honestly didn't know what to think and told him I thought we should break up.  Then there was the year I bought myself a skirt, wrapped it up and put it under the tree to me from him, without his knowledge. On Christmas morning I acted so surprised and thanked him so much!  Til this day, I think he thinks my mom did it.  I had resorted to my Grammie's tactics. The ones we all made fun off behind her back. She would buy her own gifts and wrap them from my Bopie (grandfather).  I decided I would no longer do that. For one, I was not going to be 65 years old still wrapping my gifts- that would NOT be me! And two, hello?! How easy would that be for the Mr? He has it easy 364 days if the year. I wash his clothes, grocery shop (and now that we are in Moscow, it's not so easy. He owes me!) and twinkle his toes every so often.  Yea, he has it easy. I think one day a year he can rack his brain.  And in all reality, if he has been paying attention those 364 days, it should be rather easy. I say what I like, want, need.

Here is the problem with the Mr, me and Christmas. He isn't the best gift giver as we have established.  I hate to make a list and give it to him. Because making a list, having him buy it, wrap it and give it to me is one, easy! And two, where is that element of surprise on Christmas morning? Christmas to me is about, among many things, the anticipation and the surprise.  Yes, we say it isn't about the gifts you receive, but come kinda is.

The potty mummy wrote her Christmas list (there she goes making it easy!) and asked her readers to do the same.  A "lets pretend" list if money were no object. Her rules...1.  This present must be for you and you alone.  No sneaking a luxury holiday for all the family.  A luxury spa break in Thailand with the girls might pass muster, but nothing less 2.  Cash does not count.  Otherwise, as we all know, it will disappear into the black hole that is the house-hold budget we're all juggling at the moment...
 In her list, she says she would go buy it and in this case, I would too. That's anticipation for me and getting my shopping urge filled at the same time, cause lets face Moscow, shopping is crappy and expensive. So, here is what is on my lets pretend list......

1-my parents wrapped in big red bows at my door on Christmas morning....and yes that is for me!

2- a Pinterest gift card...if such a thing would ever exist!  this would allow me to buy whatever I re pinned when I wanted to.  Like an unlimited debit card! By the way, if this idea comes to fruition, it was mine and I want my cut!

3-this Alan Priestly ring
Ladies Wedding and Eternity Rings: Image

4-a weekly deep tissue massage 

5- a very nice facial treatment including small face lift.

6- Louis Vuitton Alma PM like this one in orange.  Oh heck, I will take one in every color!

7- I would really like to buy all new clothes, really nice clothes and be able to just throw together an outfit like this.

8- and if all else fails, I will settle for this, the Glitter Shitter

I don't think any of this is too much to ask for, do you?  

Now go to your own "Lets Pretend" list on your blog! Link me to yours in my comment section. This way I know what to buy you....with my pretend money!


Clare Taylor said...

Great list Mrs M - although, that last one? Be careful what you wish for (or just make sure Mr M doesn't check your blog over the next week or so!).

Harbor Farm said...

LMAO---Love the GS! Where do you find this crap?! Still laughing!!!