Tuesday, April 10, 2012

School Applications

Some years after graduating college, I now know why I took that Handwriting class!  Yes, I took a Handwriting class that taught me how to print. The Roman alphabet and I....yea, we're close.  Each and every letter I relearned stroke by stroke.  Now you know the reason why all Architect and interior Designers write so neat and structured...We had to pay to take a class to teach us how to write! But I digress...I just finished filling out two applications for the Munchkins possible new school.  The applications are 5 pages each. They wanted me to fill out the applications and bring all necessary paperwork on our look/see so that we may be placed on a waiting list.  The Munchkins current teachers are asked to fill out paperwork. Medical forms need to be filled out which required me to make an appointment with the pediatrician for Munchkin One. Munchkin Two is up to date!  School records have been requested. And we have to pay a non-refundable fee along with submitting. There is already a waiting list!  They won't start going through new applications until June.  Which leads me to start thinking about the fact that we will move not knowing where the Munchkins will go to school.  So, I am going to give them a lot of money, I won't get back, taking a chance they don't get in, just so we can go on a waiting list? This school is my first choice based on internet research.  I will also reach out to my second choice.  That application is online...with a few clicks and a push button of submit, I will be done. No money will transfer hands according to the website.  I'm not too sure about that one...This Is Russia, after all!
In Other News: We received our invitation to travel to Russia.  The Mr. spent gobs of time online last night filling out the application. You used to be able to fill this out by hand. Once again, my handy dandy writing skills!  However, now it is automated and that means there are some hiccups in the process. This Is Russia after all!  The Mr. was so aggravated.  Needless to say he completed the application and $850 later we have sent off our passports for their visas. (Visa cost expensive due to quick turn around. Otherwise if planned far enough in advance, cost is a lot more easy to swallow)

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