Friday, April 6, 2012

Our flights have been booked for our Look/See.  Flights to Moscow are not what they once were.  Airlines have cut back and the choices are slim.  I secretly wonder if flights have been reduced for the mere reason that Russia isn't working well with America on International Adoptions.  Who flies to Russia unless you are from there? Adopting families do and sadly, those numbers have been reduced.

I will be getting up at o'dark which is before o'dark thirty (and kinda like o'shit!)...So, you know this is early! The flight arrives at LaGuardia in the morning, we have to change airports to JFK where our flight leaves late afternoon.  Sound like fun? Do we dare swing into the city for a bite of lunch? I am thinking we should also swing by the furrier where I have located my new fur coat. Somehow, I don't think the Mr. will go for this.  

Prior to our Look/See I have been busy researching away.  It can be quite daunting and at times overwhelming.  As I go through this, I would recommend to take it slow.  I have made some very friendly contacts in Moscow through blogs I found.  The Expat Women site was a great place to look for these.  The thought of moving to Moscow was once a scary thought. The more I communicate with the women I have met online, the more excited I get.   I even have a tentative "date" set up with one of the ladies! Well, perhaps I am jumping the gun with the word "date" but we have both agreed we will meet while I am there. I will also be speaking with another lady next week, who will be in Florida, for their  holiday.  Her daughter is adopted from Russia and we will be speaking of what it is like to return to Moscow to live post-Adoption.

I have narrowed down the areas of where I think we want to live. I have emailed my first choice school for the munchkins and am awaiting a reply.  Mr.'s company will schedule for us housing and school tours.  One must be invited to Russia to enter the country. The company is handling our invitation which we should receive on Monday. At that time, we will send the invite with our passports to the Russian Embassy to receive our visa's. 

Things are shaping up well!  All we have to do is pack...I was told it is still snowing in Moscow.  Sigh...The weather averages for this time of year say the temperature highs are about 50 degrees F.  So, I am guessing this most likely will not be the case!  In which case, we may be swinging by the furrier ;-)

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