Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great Expectations

Today we received the agenda for our Look/See.  It looks to be jammed packed days with relaxing nights.  Seeing the agenda has made this another step closer to being real...As in this is really happening.  I feel excitement and fear.  Excitement for a new adventure, new places, new food, new people, new friends (old friends-do not fear, I am not getting rid of you...yet).  Fear of the unknown and new language. 

I have had very little if any expectations along this road. I have tried and succeeded to keep an open mind. It has been easy path to traverse, every door along the way has opened for us.  The relocation agent sent us housing listing to begin viewing.  Yet another step in making this real. Some housing options were very solid possibilities; others not even a chance.  We received another round of listings. This time apartments...the previous were townhouses and homes.  I find myself feeling frustrated and disappointed. Frustrated in that we should be able to find what we would like within our housing budget and you can.  Only it is outside of the city making transportation a major issue. We will not have a car or driver that I am aware of.    Many were not within walking distance to the metro.  I am disappointed because I know where I want to live. It is very near the city center, within walking distance to a metro and potential school and it has backyards for the Munchkins to play in.  The problem? It is twice the price of our housing allowance.  We may be willing to spend more for the location, but we still await a contract. So, we aren't sure exactly how much out of pocket we can spend. 

Without getting into personal details, you can go to Intermark's website to view properties in Moscow.  Here you will find many real estate options in a full range of prices.  For renting, prices are quoted per month.  Do you know what we can do with this kind of rent/mortgage payment where we live?  Hint-Ocean Front.

So, my open mind is closing a bit which means I need to readjust my expectations.  It also means I need to go with the flow.....but I still want to live where I want to live and I am not giving up on that! 

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