Sunday, April 22, 2012

Russia or Bust!

It was raining outside when the alarm went off at 3:30am. The Mr. Was positive I would choose to not get out of bed at when I was suppose too. I chose to prove him wrong because I am like that. Don't tell me I can't do something. It is my stubbornness that will prove you wrong! His way of reverse psychology? Possibly. Either way not only was I up, but also ready to go at the specified time. Check in went well. TSA always gets the Mr.'s panties in a whad. I told him if anything happened, let me handle it. I don't like TSA and he doesn't like them more than I. Our airport no longer uses the metal detectors. They do have one for children. The use the X-ray machines. It amazes me how many people do not opt out of this. It truly is like herding cattle into these machines. While I know the Holocaust is completely different on EVERY level, one simple fact is similar...herding unsuspecting people into machines they know nothing about. For the traveler who hardly flies at all, if ever, I could see going through. For the traveler who is part of the frequent flier program or has health concerns, not smart. I wonder if the average person realizes they are exposing themselves to radiation every time they go through one? Sometimes I think our country has it all backwards. If Janet Napalitano, who is Secretary of Homeland Security, won't go in one, why would I? We opted for the pat down. It was perfectly acceptable!*** The employer bought coach seats for our travel. The Mr. Got upgraded to first class due to his status. I was on a list to be upgraded...and I did! The sky greeted us with turbulent air the whole way to our connection. We now sit in a lounge for the next 6 hours waiting for our flight to Mother Russia. The lounge is not a regular thing for us by any means,but I'll tell you what...a girl can get used to this! Free food/beverage, wifi, clean is good! We are certainly being looked out for by the big guy. We arrive in Moscow at 10am local time on Monday.

***the above statements are my personal thoughts. certainly not meant to be offensive....

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Have fun and enjoy the experience!
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