Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The 5:30am jack hammer on the construction sight outside our window was my alarm clock. It was not welcomed or needed. Apparently, roosters are not the only things that squawk at the sight of daylight! A well rested night and solid breakfast started my day off on the right foot. And it only got better from there! "Blessed" is the only word that comes to mind to describe the day I had. The Mr. had meetings at the office all day.I anxiously await his return as I write this; to hear how his day went and share mine. Follow me on this...I was following a blog and reached out to her when I learned we would be moving to Moscow. This lady used to live in Moscow. She recommended I reach out to Potty Diaries, another blog which is on the right of this screen. In speaking with Potty Mummy, she suggested I speak to another lady. Let's call this lady Cake Pop Lady. Are you with me? Have I lost you? It was Cake Pop Lady who offered to come get me at the hotel, take me back to her home, show me the neighborhood and an informal tour of my first choice school for the Munchkins. What I saw, who I met and the conversations I had would have never happened otherwise. The neighborhood is exactly what I would want for the Munchkins! The school is absolutely amazing. But what is more amazing is the friendship and support the moms give each other! Everyone is the same boat. Everyone understands this and is empathetic to it. I was able to speak to 2 other parents, get their impressions of living places, etc. Cake Pop Lady and I were able to sit in a common area after purchasing some food and coffee from the cafeteria. This allowed me to see the students, some staff and other parents. We then went back to Cake Pop Lady's house for more conversation. For those who know me, you know by her mere name, Cake Pop Lady and I will become very good friends! She brought me back to my hotel where we agreed to stay in touch. I also gave Diamind Lady a call. She writes a blog, also on the right of the screen. Diamond Lady has been so kind, friendly and helpful as well. Turns out her husband does business with the Mr.'s company! Another sweet connection. I am just so overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of the ladies today! It leaves me feeling excited!

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