Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Arrived

The flight was fairly uneventful. I have never seen so many Russian women so happy, laughing and talking. In some ways this was very assuring to me. I think they were part of a tour group and fully enjoyed their New York City experience. There was not much peace and quiet on the flight for sleeping which left us more tired than we wanted to be. We arrived in Sheremetyevo airport. Years ago the landscape was under construction forcing us to walk through gravel and dirt, around barricades to enter. The project is now complete. A driver promptly met us to take us to our hotel. The car ride was about 45 minutes. Due to lack of sleep, no food and lots of stopping and going mixed with weaving left me feeling car sick. Upon arrival to our hotel we learned our room was not ready. We grabbed a bite in the restaurant. A brief email to the Company HR representative proved to be very helpful and magically our room was ready! Tony showered and I took a cat nap before we headed over the Endocrine Center of Moscow. We had a consultation with a doctor there with regard to one of the Munchkins. Blue booties were required to go on over our shoes. This practice always humors me! It was a fruitful meeting with the exception the doctor did not speak English and we not Russian. The Mr.had a meeting at the office after our doctor appointment extending our long day even longer. I was able to shower and freshen up before an easy dinner of Subway in the room before we called it a night. Lights were turned off at 9 pm although the sun was still shining and workers still on the construction sight next door. The first jack hammer sounded at 5:30am. My first impressions of the city are what I remember. It smells exactly as I remember, an odor I had forgotten and not one that can described. Overall, a good first day!

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