Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Productive Day

We had a long, but nice day loaded with a ton of useful information. We stared out meeting with a pediatrician at the European Mdical clinic. She is not only and Endocrinologist, but an adoption/ post adoption specialist. It was absolutely wonderful to meet her! She was extremely knowledgable and willing to work with our Endocrinologist in the States. In addition, not only can we take Munchkin One there for his Growth Hormone needs, we can take Munchkin Two for regular checkups is we want/ need too! I left excited and assured. We then went to visit the Atlantic International School. It is a very brightly colored building surrounded by a gate with an entrance near a guard. I attempted to include a link. Please pardon if it does not work. I am still learning my iPad. The school is quite small. There are a few campuses hosting multiple grade levels. Each class has an English native speaker, a bilingual English/Russian assistant and a Russian nanny. A hot lunch is served and included for all students, prepared on site. The concept of this school is teach through play. This curriculum is based on the University of Cambridge curriculum. Next we went to grab a bite of lunch and continue on the the Anglo American International School. this school is a large complex housing multiple gyms, multiple pools and multiple grades. This school is per school through grade 12. There are over 1300 students at this school, Americans making up the majority. The school curriculum is based on the American, Canadian and British school systems. School lunch can be brought or bought. Lastly, we visited a compound ( gated community) of Pokrovsky Hills. this compound is located right next to the Anglo American School. It is home to many expats from all over the world. This concluded our day. Tomorrow we will see another school, possibly two. In addition, we shall see more housing options. We have been so busy and this has left us little room for sight seeing. I imagine Saturday will be our day to do this. Overall, another great day!

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