Friday, February 8, 2013

Time Out! is a beautiful thing! This white powder falls magically from the sky creating a sparkling star dust on the ground. It glistens even amid the dirt. It crunches below your feet and slushes when it melts. It is soft to the touch yet forms hard to make a snowball. It is light and airy but packs a mean punch! Like Moscow, snow itself is full of contradictions. And like Moscow, either love it or hate it.

Google "snowfall Moscow" and you will find plenty of articles related to winter. This year we have had record cold temperatures and snowfall.  Here is an article in The Moscow Times. Here is an article in The Washington Post. Do your own searches to learn more.

I can't say I am all that surprised. I expected this. In fact, I expected more. So, imagine my surprise when I hear this is not normal.  Just when they clear roads and sidewalks more arrives. It reminds of playing in the ocean waves. You get knocked over and stand up only to be knocked over again. Do this enough, you are tired and worn out. Game over! I am not ready to all "Game over" just yet but I would like a time out. Now I understand why some said to us "you need to go somewhere during the February break." Lesson learned...

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