Friday, February 22, 2013

Flu Test, Russian Concoctions and The Easter Bunny

This is what happens when you are stuck inside with two sick munchkins during a school holiday; bake. Earlier in the week I made our favorite cookies....peanut butter with Hershey Kisses in the middle.

I am done! Game over! Throw in the towel! I give up....I am over it, cooked, fried, spent and exhausted. My munchkins have never been so sick so often in their lives since our Relo here. My munchkins don't get sick, but when they do, they take me for a ride! Last year while the Mr was out of the country I had to take Munchkin 2 to the hospital for pneumonia only I couldn't drive because the sandman left too much sand in it. Any light on the eyeball was like a million knives in my eye. My dad had to drive me, we were gone all day, but put the car in park just as Munchkin 1's school bus arrived. That is how my kids get sick.

While researching Moscow prior to our move I recall reading a blog where the child seemed to get fevers all the time. I was always baffled how this could be. Is there not any prevention in the home, school, etc. I admit it. I was sitting back, judging. Not my kids I thought. They are healthy! Well, I am here to tell you I am eating my words and they don't taste good. The Autumn season was fairly uneventful. Munchkin 1 did get sick two days before a trip. I hauled him to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor to be told his adenoids need to be removed. Of course they do! Because that's how my kids get sick. It has been a rough two months for us. Adenoids removed for M1 and a fever later for Munchkin 2 we were doing great! Until Saturday when Munchkin 1 got a fever. Long story short, we ended up in the ER where the flu test was negative, Mono was mentioned and I was offered a cup of tea. He still has a slight fever, Mono is negative but Munchkin 2 now has the fever. It is a week long school holiday and we are stuck inside while the sun has shined brightly outside for days despite zero degree temps.

So, I run to the corner market every other day to buy simple items like apples and bananas and flour. My neighbor brings over her Russian food concoctions and homeopathic health care while advising me on ow this happened. We have seen enough Cartoonito on Boomerang to last until the next time we get sick. This is the only English speaking cartoon station. And let us not forget the movie "We Bought A Zoo." I thought I was doing something fun for the kids, popping corn, snacking in our bed while watching a family friendly movie. Munchkin 2 lasted 15 minutes, thankfully! It is because of this movie I had to pause and explain to M1 why we don't say b*llsh*t and d*mn. I had to pause and explain to him why d*ck is a bad word and why we don't call others one. And then there were the words "we live with a 7 year old who still believes the Easter Bunny is real!" Seriously?! Seriously?! Thankfully, Munchkin 1 is a pretty smart fella and he turns to me and says "that's not true, Mom."

I am done. I'm out! The next school break we are going on vacation. It is booked! My kids sick....too bad, so sad! We are outta here! Momma needs a break!

PS....if your kid tells my kid the Easter Bunny isn't real, don't be surprised if he calls that b*llsh*t and then calls your kid a d*ck. I'm just warning you now.....don't blame me, blame Matt Damon.

I'm inside eating cake.

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Lois B said...

I hope everyone is well soon; I remember how exhausting that can be.