Sunday, January 27, 2013

Summer Plans

Munchkin One decided to put together a list of things he wants to do and places to see when we go home this summer. I am impressed with how much detail he recalled his favorite places, things and people. Here is the first list.....the next list starts with star gazing, someone help me now! The time is flying by and we aren't even there yet.....

Barbara jeans
Dairy Queen
Adventure Landing
Disney World
See my best friend, in the entire universe, Alex
St. Augustine
Play dates with Josh, James, Noah and Max
Spend entire day at beach and many days!
Clearwater Marine Aquarium, see Winter the Dolphin
See Grandma and Grandpa
See the Great One
Chic Fil A
Eat goldfish and macaroni and cheese
Gymnastics camp
Firehouse subs
Buy a lot of foods to bring to Moscow like Lucky Charms and Honey Nut Cheerios
Go to the zoo
Make fruit parfait s! Eat a lot of fruit
See LuLu
See Uncle Nate
But candy to bring to Moscow, the kind you can't get here.
Watch American cartoons
Go to a baseball game
Sunshine park
See our dentist
See my favorite dr.

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