Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The orange fluorescent lights from the street below shine like hot spots in the dark morning. You can see a faint fog halo surrounding the descending light in the sky. I rolled over to wake up and asked myself "is it fog or is it snow?" A silly question this time of year. I slowly got out of bed and walked over to the window gazing upon the street confirming what I already knew. It's snow.  Snow. SNOW.

I love snow! Really, I do. It's magical. It does wonder for the pores! It's white....and makes everything look so clean. It's cold. When I say cold, I mean cold like you have never felt....unless you are Santa and live in the North Pole. This is cold and quite honestly, I think I am over it.

Warning....a temper tantrum is about to ensue.....

I am a PollyAnna here.  I am The girl in the forest in the Ded Moroz story; analogies made by others of me. I choose to see the good Mother Russia has to offer and take advantage of it all! No stone left unturned.  We are two weeks short of six months here. I am glad we are here! I really enjoy it! Except this week.  I am over it. I am over the SNOW. I am over the cold. I am over putting on layer by layer to go outside only to come inside and sweat. I have taken to see just how little I can put on and still be warm outside. I feel the weight of wearing my winter gear before I even put it on.  It was this morning I realized walking to school we are two months into winter. We have at least another two to go! Right now we may be at just the half way mark into winter. Half way!

It is fun to be in the snow, but temperatures dictate for most of the day you have to be inside. Do you know what I would do to be able to sit with a cup of whatever on the couch and watch HGTV? To sit and flip channels of English speaking stations? No sling box here. I am tired. Tired of no daylight when I wake. Tired of the cold.

I know why people walk with their heads down.
I know why people don't smile.
I know why people act miserable.
I know why that won't be me...

One day in almost six months...I think I'm allowed. Now, if you'll excuse me; I must go layer up. I have somewhere I need to be, PollyAnna and me!

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