Monday, January 21, 2013


The roads were cleared last night before we went to bed. It snowed all night! It continues to just pour down. Daylight broke around 9:30 am revealing this scene. Despite the cold and lack of sun, it remains beautiful! This is the fifth day of snow in a week.

The Munchkins have taken turns being sick. They have never been as sick and missed as much school as they have this year. Munchkin One has a follow up doctor appointment this morning. He will miss most of the school day, simply due to getting to the appointment and back. The Mr had to cancel his morning to take the Munchkin. I remain at home with a very feverish Munchkin Two. It is times like this when you really miss having your extended family around. A family member would not think twice about watching their sick niece or grand daughter. But here, you just can't leave a sick child with anyone. It's all in the learning game of being a first time expat. You go and grow with it.

In the meantime, we cuddle up with pillows, blankets and movies as the snow falls. A perfect time to be indoors!

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