Monday, January 21, 2013


Have you ever felt helpless? No control of a time, people or place. I am fine not being in control. I just like to know the plan. What happens when there is no plan? What then? What happens when your child's safety could be in jeopardy?

I recall a conversation the Mr had with our Landlord during the walk thru. What I recall about it is that I was not a part of it and based on the topic, I think the Mr made the right choice. I was fine with this, especially once the Mr revealed the discussion. You see the building in the picture? That is not our building, but the one next to us that looks exactly like ours. We are on the 23rd floor of a 25 story building. Our views are amazing yet come at a price. In emergency, how do we get down? This is the discussion the Mr and Landlord were having. In case stairway is closed, there are two rope ladders under our bed to be thrown out our window which we climb down. Be sure to attach first! Are you with me?

In my previous post, I shared Munchkin One was sick last week. Munchkin Two went down on Saturday with her fever having yet to get up. And now, I am going down for the count. A kind friend picked up Munchkin One from school and brought him home for me. I had to meet him at the door downstairs. I walked out my door, smelled a faint odor and got in the elevator. I smelled smoke. The elevator stopped at floor eleven. The door opened allowing more odor in. I saw no smoke, but knew something wasn't right. And no one was concerned!! I gathered Munchkin One, went back in the elevator up where Munchkin Two was laying in my bed. Exiting the elevator more odor. I called the Mr and prayed to God I didn't have to get those rope ladders. Munchkin One was flipping out. I asked him if he saw me flipping out. No, I wasn't...on the outside. I said when I begin to flip out then he can. I walked back out to the elevators where a neighbor exited. He was kind. He did smell something, only after i mentioned it. Then another neighbor exited the elevator. In true Russia fashion, she was un phased by it and says this happens sometimes and there were special men now there. It was floor eleven. She stepped into her apartment as though no odor was billowing thru the air vents.

For a moment, I felt helpless, truly helpless. Here I have two kids, one of which is sick with my own fever turning on. I couldn't get a hold of a neighbor and I don't know the language. How would I know if something was really wrong? How would I find out? I feel I am a pretty resourceful person. I don't expect others to lead my way. With time and patience I can figure it out. But today, for the first time, I felt helpless. I do want to and plan to learn Russian, if only for the safety of my Munchkins.

I had never spoke to or met our nice man neighbor before today. Lets call him Fruit Roll Up. He knocked on my door and in almost perfect English told me the fire was on floor eleven. Apparently someone left a pen on a cooktop that was let on. Fruit Roll Up got his name because he presented me with a welcoming gift as I opened my door. He tried to explain what they were. I opened one and said we called these fruit roll ups in America. I asked him where he got them and he said he made them. Fruit Roll Up made some awesome fruit roll ups! He had gone down to the lady who "guards" our front door. Returning to inform me and say if we ever need anything, to ask he or his wife. So now I don't feel as helpless....but I will still learn Russian.

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Clare Taylor said...

Sounds like you handled it admirably. Well done!

PS - am finding your new font really hard to read. Must be my great age!