Sunday, October 7, 2012

Life Will Never Be The Same

 Life as I know it will never be the same!
Baking as I know it will never taste the same!
I have found the secret to the best tasting baked goods you will ever have in your entire life!
And I am sharing it with you...right here!
See that little tiny bottle? yep! That's it!

When I was a little girl I loved to bake!
I know, shock, right?
Santa brought me an easy bake oven.  I loved that thing!
And the handy mixes that came with it.
I am not at all ashamed to tell you that when Munchkin Two came along, I was excited!
Because this meant I...I mean she...would have an easy bake oven.
But guess what?!  I now have my very own, all growed up version of the easy bake oven!
Look at how tiny and cute this thing is!
Don't let it fool you, it doesn't come with its own mixes. 

 We made sugar cookie cutouts. The best I have ever had in my entire life!
And I have had quite a few....

Wha-la! The finished product.  Not bad for never using the baking products here.
Munchkin One didn't like my leaves. Neither did I. He suggested the vine
which I thought was devine!

I had to take a bite...just one!
not to worry...I took an ugly one.
So, I am sharing my secret with you...
but I am not sharing my cookie.
A pumpkin has never tasted so yummy!


Lois B said...

We have your secret her in Poland too.

Beautiful cookie! I love the idea of using a squeeze bottle; ingenious! From one baker to another, do you know about the baking powder? Single-acting rather than double. I use about 1.3 times as much as American recipes call for.

Mrs. Munchkin said...

Lois...THAT is polish vanilla! My friend sent it to my thru my hubby when he was in Warsaw a few weeks ago. We are going to Poland for Christmas and I will be buying every last bottle! Had no idea about the baking powder! I brought my own. Sould last a while, but thanks for the heads up!

I'm off to eat another cookie....

Lois B said...

If you didn't love this so much, I would suggest making your own by steeping a vanilla bean in vodka. I hate to think what a vanilla bean would cost in Moscow! LOL