Sunday, September 23, 2012

A New Normal

It's a new normal. A new kind of Sunday morning. I feel a bit lost and out of sorts. This is our first Sunday morning since arriving we haven't gotten up to go out and about. We are home. Oh boy....that was the first time I have called this home. We are home. This is our home. Just saying it brings a small tear to my eye. Home...a sadness for the home and family we left. Home...a new and exciting place filled to the brim with adventures, sights to see and new friends who are becoming family. We are...home.

A Sunday morning in our previous home would have consisted of the kids playing in their room while I sipped my coffee. The Mr would be watching the sports shows catching the highlights of Saturday's (American)college football games. Although he watched almost every game on Saturday, flipping stations, using picture in picture or recording a game, he still would watch the game show highlights. We would read the newspaper, he the front page and I the Life section. Then we would point out different articles in the Metro section of talking heads giving their political opinion on policy wondering if we lived in the same country as the author. The Mr would watch the NFL shows preparing for yet another day of (American) professional football. I prepared a hot breakfast of French toast, pancakes, eggs or something else piping hot. We ate together as a family and then disperse. Back to their rooms the kids went. The Mr watched his games and I have no idea what I did...

Today, the kids are still in their rooms. And football is on....only it is LIVE! No highlight shows and only one to see. I thought by moving I would get away from sports! This is not the case. There is no newspaper to read to get our news. We could watch one of three European news stations, but I prefer not. Watching these makes me sometimes wonder some countries dislike America. I would too if I believed what some stories report. Sadly, not everyone was taught to believe half of what you read, half of what you see and half of what you hear. So my news consists of reading Facebook status least I get the entertainment section...LOL! No hot breakfast this morning as I prepare for Diamond Lady and the Greek to come over for a casual afternoon with good friends who have become our family.

We sit together on the couch sipping coffee and watching football. We are home and Suddenly things become familiar...yes! This IS home!

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