Friday, August 17, 2012


Welcome to my laundry room! It has been quite the experience learning all about my new friend the washing machine. It uses sign language to speak. The user does not understand its signs. My friend, Diamond Lady, came over to show me how to work it. It doesn't look anything like hers, but we thought we got it figured out. She also prepared me for one load to take 3 hours. So, in my clothes go last night. I did not turn the dryer piece on because I like to pull certain pieces out. So the cycle goes for maybe 90 minutes then stops. I think it's time to turn on the dryer. I can't open the machine! It won't let me. I turn the dryer on for the least amount of time. Cycle ends. I am good! Grab some clothes then start dryer again. Then I go to bed. Wake up this morning to find clothes still wet. Another dry cycle! We're going on 12 hours here, I get the Russian dictionary and go downstairs to the nice lady hoping she can clue me in. With a little pointing and some charades she comes up stairs and sees my clothes are wet....yes, I know this. She proceeds to remove my towels from the towel warmer and hangs our clothes on them. She even touched the Mr's underroo's...he loved that one! So, the towel warmer is not a warmer, but my dryer. And my has no dryer. What I thought was the's the spin cycle.

And see that shower curtain? It keeps falling down. We give up! The shower's broken and can not hang on wall. So you must hold shower head with one hand and wash with the other, getting water all over. Or you can place shower head at your feet while you wash.

All in all an adventure! While it is frustrating we will look back and laugh! But thankfully, this place is temporary!

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