Wednesday, August 15, 2012

House Hunters Recap

All six options have been uploaded for you to see.  We have narrowed our choices down to three.  We will take the metro at least one if not two of the locations now to walk around, scope out grocery options, etc.

Many have asked about furnishings. Some apartments have them some do not.  Rental property is very different than here in America.  In America, what you see is what you get. If you don't like something, then go buy it or don't rent.  Here, even if a place is furnished, you can ask the landlord to change out the furniture, paint walls, etc.  in option six below, the full bathroom only has a huge tub, no shower. No problem! They say...we will install if you like.  One landlord mentioned taking down a wall.  I should also add it probably doesn't hurt that we are corporate expats...landlords want us. They will have consistent rent for a solid two years.  A tax also must be paid on the rent as income. Somehow, when a corporation is involved taxes are handled differently or not at all...which means the landlord doesn't pay a tax.  Friends of ours are here as government employees. No one wanted to rent to them. Of the 20 places they wanted to see only 3 would accept.

The bottom line and big question for us is location. It all comes down to location. Do we want to be near the school, within walking distance and somewhat remote to metro, shopping? Or do we want metro nearby with shopping and further from school.  One is in more of a bubble than the other.  I am very confused right now.  We have some great options!

Time to step back and evaluate. Run the metro and see where we end up.

I should also add when viewing the videos below, you will see some great panoramic shots! From option 4 looking out you will see the school, Pokrovsky Hills to the left and then Beregoyvaya option 1 behind Pokrovsky Hills.  From option 5 video looking out you again can see the school with three tall white buildings behind it.  Those buildings are of option 4. You can also see a town home community of Pokrovsky Hills and Beregoyvaya option 1.

Review and let us know your thoughts! Which ones should be in the running? Which one should we chose?  

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Our family said...

This has got to be so hard for you to decide!!

If I were you, I'd pick one where you're going to have the best sense of community, whatever that means for you. Friends for the kids? Friends for you? Within walking distance to important things? People in the same boat as you?

I still can't believe you are there!!