Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cat Spilled the Beans

The cat is out of the bag! We have kept our upcoming relocation under wraps for months. Surprisingly, I am very impressed with myself! It is quite difficult to keep something like THAT in your head and not rolling out the mouth. Truth be told, I did spill the beans to some. Hey! I can't help it if THAT flew out and bypassed the rolling...

We told the Munchkins Saturday night at dinner. The Mr. was the one to drop the bomb. It went exactly as I had predicted. Munchkin Two immediately says "yay! Do I get to take my toys? I will need a BIG (emphasis on BIG) box!" yes...I know...Munchkin One looked at me and his eyes welled up with tears. He said how much he liked it here, how he loves his school. Then he crumbled. The huge crocodile tears streamed down his face when he realized he was leaving his Oma and Papa. Oh his poor heart was broken! By this time his dinner was cold and did it really matter? I had him climb in my lap where I just held him as he cried. Once he calmed down, I spoke to him about his new school, the new friends he already has waiting and the biggie. I told him how I would love for him to go back to where he was born, where he is from and learn about it. I told him he has had a chance to live in America. Now we have a chance for him to live where he was born. I told him I want him to be proud of being from America and Russia. It is part of who you are! How many children who are adopted from other countries get to go back and live there? This would be where Munchkin Two piped up because we mentioned we may go to Poland over the summer on our way to Russia. She was so excited and said "I get to go back to learn about Poland!" which sounds more like poewand.

Munchkin One spent a good deal of time looking at his globe on Sunday. He analyzed the countries. Asked how far the plane ride is. We played "find the country". He rolled it, rotated it and processed it. Monday morning as he sat on the edge of the bed getting dressed for school he said out of the blue he was ready!

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Potty Mummy said...

So you're coming, then? Congratulations! (And if it's any help, it was around 25degC and beautiful - if a little windy - here today)