Saturday, April 28, 2012

Self Parking

This image epitomizes the Russian mentality on parking. Park anywhere there is an open spot. This street is a two way through street. All of the cars parked in the center are empty. I am surprised the gold car left room for the car parked to its right that is no longer there. It is not uncommon to see cars parked double or triple next to each other. Also notice the cars parked on the side walk. Hopping the curb is normal. Every inch of space does not go to waste.

In a city with 11 million people, they have to park somewhere. It is very much a status symbol to own and drive a car here. Once upon a time, only the rich could afford them. As costs have come down, the numbers of drivers has increased. Traffic is quite hectic! People manage and are quite patient. On an open road they use every opportunity to go very fast, whether for the fun of it or race ahead of the pack before they must stop again. Our driver, Vladimir, was an awesome driver! It was fun being in the car with him. It didn't hurt he looked just like Sean Connery either! Vladimir was tickled by this.

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