Saturday, April 28, 2012


All of the women here wear stiletto heals. Diamond Lady and I have no idea how in the world they can walk, much less on this cobblestone. The orange heels make the outfit, don't you think?

While the orange is not common, the height of the heel is. All young Russian women wear this heel while walking around whether it be grocery, site seeing, errands. All Russian women are beautiful and thin. I have learned they eat only soup for lunch. When I find out about the other meals, I will let you know. Then we can all go on the Russian diet. You have these beautiful ladies walking around with ugly men. Seriously! The average Russian man is not that attractive. Even the Mr. joins me in wondering what "she" is doing with "him." Or how did "he" get "her"? Judgmental? Perhaps.....I boggles my brain.

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