Tuesday, October 8, 2013


We are starting to turn the corner into winter. Summer left and winter arrived bypassing Autumn it seems. The brightly colored orange, yellow and red leaves glistened for a week. Now they are gone, while others turn pee green. It snowed twice in September and once in October. The ground is still too warm, but the air has turned a chill. September saw only 60 hours of daylight the entire month and we had record rainfall. The corner is being turned with drops in temperature and a decrease in daylight. It has been noticeable to me. Daylight is arriving later and leaving sooner. The picture below was taken at 7:15 this morning. By the end of November our sun won't rise until about 10am and it will be gone by 4pm. We are turning. This is the beginning.

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Lois Britton said...

I was sorry to see daylight savings time end. It's getting dark so early, and getting noticeably earlier everyday!