Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Days

Today began three weeks of upcoming visitors.  We are so excited to host one of my brothers this week! The Munchkins were beside themselves with anticipation!  I am having to put my best foot forward, remembering everything I have seen or don't the past 10 months in hopes of using it now.

Today we went to Red Square and toured St. basils Cathedral.  It is worth the 250 rubles to go inside, tour the museum and look up into the onion domes.  Preparations are under way in the city for the celebration of Russia Day. June 12, 1990 is the day the Russian Federation was born. The Russian Federation adopted its own Russian Constitution to reflect the new political landscape . The country's new name Russian Federation was established on December 25, 1991. Happy Independence Day Russia!

Tomorrow...Gorky Park

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