Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It's 10pm at night. Do you know where the moon is? Me either....the sun is finally setting. Better get some sleep before it rises at 5am. Moscow is working its way to midnight sun sets and 3am sunrises....just another example of a country of extremes. Temperatures are increasing. We hover in the fifties (Fahrenheit) daily. Some days we have sunshine, others rain. The seasons are changing. Snow melted during a weeks time! Amazing for the amount of snow we had. In a matter of days, grass has turned green and tulips are sprouting. Things happen quickly here. If you don't stop to appreciate the beauty amidst the chaos, you will miss it. Muscovites are smiling and showing a bit more skin. I even received a huge smile and warm welcome from the nasty Marshrutka driver! Literally, a changed man! It made me wonder if I hopped on the proper mini bus. Children are still bundled up like little Michelin men. My munchkins, however, shed their jackets, shoes and socks on the school playground. Freedom has arrived in our clothing. No longer the weight of snow suits, coats, gloves, hats, boots on our body. I could feel the weight of my coat every morning on my shoulders before I even put it on. Now I find any excuse to wear a different piece of clothing than the ones I have spent the last six months in. I get excited to wear any pair of shoes other than boots!

We did it! We made it through our first Moscow winter! Now, if you will excuse me....I need to go buy black out shades for the rooms. Our daily winter darkness is quickly turning to daily summer light....at night.

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