Friday, November 30, 2012

Change of Weather

It is 9:45 in the morning.  Daylight is breaking giving dawn to the nights activities.  It snowed for two days straight without a break.  Sleet arrived and an ice storm is expected today possibly through the weekend.  The Munchkins are finally able to wear their snow suits; An anticipation that has lasted since their purchase in July. The situation did not disappoint! Munchkin One seemed to literally bounce from one snow pile to the next on his way to school.  From my perspective there seems to bit a renewed energy in the air. Red Square was full of what seemed like happy people the other day. It could have just been the gush of cold frigid air up the fur coats of many? At any rate, this change of weather is welcome in my eyes.

A sweet friend took me to the grocery with her yesterday.  I was like I received a "get out of jail" card for a few hours!  I felt like a kid in a candy store sitting in the passenger seat. Perhaps it was because I wasn't the one to be driving in the streets filled with thick dark slush?  At any rate, I was excited and  my cabinets are filled with food for the icy weekend ahead.  I must re-evaluate how I shop for food.  Next to laundry, this is my biggest obstacle.  Pulling a heavy trolley is tough enough.  Through snow drenched streets....another ball of wax! This process has started to take its toll on my body.  Another friend has the name of a gal who does deep tissue massage in your home for 2000 rubles, approximately $64.  I will be calling her!

The snow filled streets has helped our Christmas spirit.  While decorations are up in stores, this is about as far as it goes. Russians do not celebrate their holiday until New Years Eve followed by January 6th.  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for us will be just another day for Russians. Christmas music is not played unless you are in Starbucks.  Our task this weekend is to obtain a Christmas tree and decorations.  Stores are full of such items!  I have seen artificial trees priced from 2000 rubles on up. We will plan to get a 7 foot tree and pay about 5000 rubles ($162).  The decorations here are plenty, but look no different than the ones you may be buy in the States.  Prices vary on these as well.  

I will try to snap some photos in the store of the Huge displays. Until then, stay warm my friends!

Picture taken yesterday...

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Lois B said...

I was just chatting with another expat yesterday. She has taken to ordering groceries online for delivery. Is that available in Russia? She has a family and needs considerably more from the market than I do.