Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thank You Mother

I would like to thank my mother for teaching me to iron. It is because of her I do not have the excuse "I don't know how" which might allow me to get out of this chore. You are reading this with sarcasm, aren't you? Or I suppose I could use the Mr's excuse "but you do it so much better than me". I can now tell you who makes the nicest shirts to launder and even nicer to iron! Polo is not number one....

3 shirts ironed, 11 to go with another 4 waiting to be laundered.
One can of starch will cover 4 shirts.
One can of starch is just over $2
One shirt laundered and light starch in Moscow at the cleaners costs $9

I know I said I am a retro girl, but isn't this taking things a bit too far? I don't recall Lucy ever ironing Ricky's shirts, do you? At least Carol Brady had Alice. We need an Alice! And we are working on that.....in the meantime, I'm out of starch.