Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stick People

I have never understood people who walk with sticks. I like to call them stick people. In fact, I usually think to myself how ridiculous they look. What? They can't walk without a stick? Really? Just walk! Today, I ate my words and it beat my butang!

The proper name for this activity is Nordic Walking.  I got dragged into this. It wasn't my plan to become a stick person.  Really! But somehow I get tangled up into these things that I just can't get out of, except for Stitch club. Seriously? Do I look like a stitcher to you?  I can put you in stitches, but I do not stitch.  Ask my mother.  So, my friends and I go to an international club where you have coffees, drink teas, eat some biscuits, chat and oh yea...sign up to do things.  I thought cross country skiing looked interesting. I am not a skier. I am a beach girl. I have been on skis once in my life, on the bunny slope and that didn't end well. It involved me, not stopping, running into orange construction fencing and falling over it with my poles swinging out and over in front of me. I nearly chopped a man in half! I kid you not!  So, why did I sign up for cross country skiing? Now, I have NO idea.  I mentioned this to my friend, Diamand Lady. She goes and signs up too and then comes happily to tell me I must do Nordic walking first to get my body in shape.  I asked her how she knew this and she said the ladies at the table told her so.  Well then! By all means lets listen to people we don't know and do something we know nothing about.  So, we signed up, bought the gear and here we are.

The cold crisp air was such a refreshing change to breathe.  We talked, laughed, giggled and got a great workout.  We met our guide at the metro station. From there she led us into a forest where we, the stick walkers, got lost.  Thankfully, our guide was never lost! She knew the forest well.  We stretched, walked and stretched more over the course of two hours.  It was so much fun! Although I have needed to be on the couch recouping from the butang kicking I just received, I am happy I did it. And will do it again!  

I am now stick person.  I pinky promise to never diminish the stick people again. I get it!

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Lois B said...

I'm a stick person too! I love them for long walks or going uphill.