Sunday, October 21, 2012

Heaven on Earth

I love baking with Philadelphia Cream Cheese! There is nothing better than a cream cheese frosting smeared on a carrot cake, stuffed into a pumpkin roll or poured onto a crust topped with apples.  I remember not too long ago when I could easily buy this for 99 cents at my local grocery.  When the price jumped to $1.29 I was beside myself. A whole 30 cents!  Oh the drama!  Ok, I was not really was beside myself. More like inside thinking "what the heck just happened?"  When it went on sale I stashed up on my Philly.

Fast foreword a few years to Russia. Imagine my excitement when I saw my favorite brand stocked on the shelf!  I grabbed three, just to be safe.  You never know when you may see it again.  I saw the price quickly did the math and moved on. Yes, I knew how much I was paying, but it didn't absorb fully into my overloaded brain...until now.  Do you know how much one of these tubs cost? Take a guess, I'll wait.

Let me add that you do not get a full 8 ounces in one tub. It's more like 7 ounces, not a big difference unless you are baking. Because all recipes call for an even ounce quantity. I'm still waiting.
Got the number?

I paid 120 rubles for two of these babies.
I paid 150 rubles for the third...different store.
Let me do the math for you. That is $3.89 each for two and $4.89 for the other.
That is $12.67 in cream cheese for that luscious, creamy dessert above.  
Add in the cost of the other ingredients and we are probably nearing the $30 mark.
It's an apple crumb cheesecake!
Also known as a piece of Heaven on Earth.
And worth every ruble I spent of the Mr.'s hard earned money.

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Nina said...

AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Totally didn't acknowledge your big day!!!
Did you treat or whatever the term is they use? Anyway, miss you and It sounds like you had fun on your bday.
The dessert looks like a typical K_ _ _ _ masterpiece for the tastebuds!
Much Love and Happy Belated!!