Monday, September 10, 2012



The 80's are alive and well in Moscow and I am not talking music!

Panty hose are still en vogue whether for professional dress or under shorts.

Fish net stockings are perfectly acceptable for day time fashion, ESP when paired with a rainbow colored textured skirt and jacket.

It is normal to have pink or magenta hair.  This is their version of red although you never see a true red head. I did see an Easter egg...totally normal.

Little Russian girls do not wear bows in their hair.

Do not judge what to wear today by looking out your window to see what others have on.  It could be comfortable outside and you will see everything from shorts and short sleeves to a coat and scarf.  

Rain comes out of nowhere unexpectidely. Always carry an umbrella with you. 
rarely is it a downpour, but more of a drizzle.

Do not judge the day by the morning. Morning clouds may clear to reveal a blue sky.

Do not judge the night by the day.  Blue skies may turn to rain at any moment.

Do not be surprised if Russia goes between rotten potatoes and farts...with a little diesel mixed in...either way, not pretty...

Lines are very important...if there looks to be a line for something you want, stand in it. No skipping. If you need to get out of line for a minute you can say you will be right back and come back to the place you were.  

Don't be afraid to stare.  Americans are taught to not stare in public. Russians stare all the time. Don't be afraid to look!  

Observe what others are doing around you, how they behave, how they do things.  It was by doing this I learned when you are done with a tray of food at your table, leave it!  Someone will come to pick it up.  In America, we would never do this. You pick up after yourself! Here someone picks up after you.

Never pass going into a supermarket when you walk by.  You never know what you will find!  Prices and products vary.

At times, it may be best you don't know what you are eating until after the fact.


The Expatresse said...

Admittedly, I don't gave much occasion to wear pantyhose anymore, but I do gave some. Is it passé in the US? What do you do instead? I can't imagine going into work with a suit and bare legs.

Mrs. Munchkin said...

No, we do not do pantyhose in the US. They are reserved more for a dressy evening out or formal attire. So much of the US is business casual in the professional world. Even the professional suits for ladies more casual in style working well with the bare leg look and heels. Of course, this would also depend on occasion, etc....

But the look of pantyhose or tights with shorts went out in the 80's....thankfully! You or the girls would get very strange looks if you went to target with pantyhose on under your jean!