Wednesday, August 15, 2012

House Hunters International, Option 2

Housing option 2 is located in a compound called Alye Parusa on the Moscow River.

Spacious three bedrooms
2.5 bathrooms
Newly renovated
More storage possibilities
Access to fitness and pool (with fee)
Within walking distance to metro
Fun kids play area
On river
The Mr can walk to metro, 30 min commute walking and metro
would need driver

Construction outside, not a pretty view, noise?
Not near school, would need private car/driver
Will it be ready in a month (complete kitchen)?
The Mr has to walk in winter/snow to metro for work
Would need driver

$300 more per month than options 1and 3
Still A Lot of money
Which means  you kinda wanna crap your pants over because in Florida I could be living in a mic mansion on the water. 

One third of the pool...continues on to the right. Pool under renovation, to be completed by September 1.

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