Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Steps Back

A month ago, Russia emailed the Mr with relocation details. A point of detail was the Mr would need an HIV test for his work visa. Not a problem! The Mr called up his doctor, got the test and results. We have been waiting for the visa paperwork to arrive. on Friday Moscow gave the Mr the names of two agencies who can process our visas for us and said to expect the paperwork on Monday. The Mr called one of the agencies on Friday to confirm specifics. This is when he was told Munchkin Two and I also needed HIV tests. Really? Couldn't we have known this a month ago? We still do not have a final departure date. It hinges on Munchkin One's passport (which we just received) and the visas. We were instructed by Moscow not to book our tickets until we knew when our visas would arrive. So, we can't submit visa applications until we have our tests done. We have had our tests and are awaiting the formal paperwork from our doctors.

All of this is an easy fix that takes patience. I would like to say a lesson learned. However, we learned this lesson many years ago during the adoption. We just had to be reminded. With Russia, one must think 10 steps ahead. So often you take 1 step forward and two steps back. This is how it works. Nothing goes as planned. In fact, often times, there is no plan. I am a planner by nature.

We are planning our departure for the week of August 6th. This is 3 weeks away. Tomorrow a mover is coming to give us an estimate. I feel like I should be packing, yet I have done nothing. I have no plan. I am learning to go with it. It will get done and all work out. It is actually quite free-ing!

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