Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We returned home to two very happy, but tired Munchkins! We brought a captain military hat for Munchkin One. He was thrilled! I don't think he has taken the hat off. Munchkin Two received a Matroyshka apron. She loved it!

We have settled back into our routine and adjusted to the time. Now we wait for the contract! We enjoyed our time in Moscow and can see ourselves living there. Of course, this is when the weather was perfect there. If we had gone in the dead of winter, we may have felt differently! The intent is to relocate at the end of July/beginning of August. The Munchkins do not know yet. I worry about how Munchkin One will take the news. He is quite happy living across the street from the ocean! More importantly, he and his Oma (who lives 5 minutes away) have a deep love and connection. It might be a rough go for Munchkin One at the start, but he will be just fine. Munchkin Two is clueless and will be looking for the party...Only apple juice and ice cream are to be served!

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