Saturday, April 28, 2012


We sat outside at a restaurant having drinks overlooking this beautiful church. A new friendship was forged with Diamond Lady and her Handsome Greek. The weather was gorgeous! The conversation flowed. We were on a blind date, the Mr. and I with our new friends. We met online, communicated through email until deciding to meet in person. This date was not unlike any other online blind date I suppose. After drinks we took the metro to Arbat where we had a yummy diviner of Uzbekistan cuisine. It was quite hilarious the order we placed. You would have thought we were feeding an army! The food arrived and we all laughed...when ordering shush kabobs you think you are getting four or five skewers, like the picture. We had decided to order a couple of things and share. But This Is Russia, so we only got one...for the whole table! We then made our way to a dessert place because the Diamond Lady had suggested. We didn't get much for dinner after all! It was lovely! Diamond Lady and Handsome Greek escorted us back to our metro stop as any kind date would do. I left feeling happy and excited. The anticipation of seeing Diamond Lady tomorrow thrills me. I wonder if they liked us as much as we liked them? Ahhh, the fun of dating!

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